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By Greg Palast

Letter from Massachusetts Community Action Program Directors Association, Inc. (MASSCAP) and others to Representative Daniel E. Bosley, Chairman Joint Committee on Government Regulations
January 28, 2004
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We are deeply grateful for the consideration you have shown our low-income clients as you have taken on the difficult task of restructuring the electricity industry. This has been particularly important in the current days of skyrocketing utility prices, deep freeze, and federal assistance cuts. We now write you out of concern about the proposal circulating to amend the 1997 electricity restructuring act. We are especially concerned that it could threaten the nation-leading low-income and consumer protections you sponsored to enactment in the 1997 act; and that it would be likely to result in redlining of low-income families.


  1. Jerrold Oppenheim, Friday, Jan. 30, on The Future of Standard Offer: A Residential and Low-Income Point of View