Democracy And Regulation
Democracy And Regulation

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Other Works
By Greg Palast

Materials related to Take Back the Power conference on February 26, 2007
Presentation to Take Back the Power Conference, National Press Club, Washington
Feb 26, 2007
The need for regulatory reform to protect consumers in so-called "deregulated" states and the content of that reform.

Take Back the Power
Feb 26, 2007
Low-income research resources compiled by Shirley Bergert of Connecticut Legal Services for Take Back the Power conference.

The Low-Income Peer Exchange
May 12, 2006
Principles developed by a national ad-hoc group of low-income advocates, including sign-ons.

Nov 1, 1997
A summary prepared at the time the Massachusetts restructuring statute was passeed (1997) of provisions that benefit low-income customers. Note that some provisions included here turned out to be less helpful than it was thought they would be and that others (in particular, Standard Offer) have expired.