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By Greg Palast

What should be included in rules and regulations governing the relationship between regulated and unregulated affiliates?
West Virginia Public Service Commission, Case No. 98-0452-E-GI
Jun 15, 1999
A study prepared by Synapse Energy Economics with the assistance of Theo MacGregor for the West Virginia Consumer Advocate Division of the following consumer protection measures: divestiture of generation, codes of conduct, licensing standards, reliability of distribution services, consumer education, and disclosure of information in a restructured electricity industry. The report was presented in the testimony of Tim Woolf of Synapse before the West Virginia Public Service Commission, Case No. 98-0452-E-GI.

Massachusetts 220 C.M.R. 12.00
Mar 1, 1998
This Code of Conduct sets forth the Standards of Conduct governing the relationship between an electric or natural gas distribution company and its affiliates transacting business in Massachusetts.